A Modern Mandingo for Misaki

Misaki and her husband were married out of pressure from both sides of their families.  Born and raised in Japan, they’d been together since high school, their families were well-acquainted with each another, so they married not long after graduation.  Over the next decade or so, her husband climbed the corporate ladder while she stayed home as a devoted housewife.  They tried to have children but were unsuccessful.  As their sexual life became nonexistent, her husband was granted a business opportunity in Los Angeles.  So, they packed their bags and moved from the Far East to the Wild West.

Sightseeing and museum visits in between shopping and home maintenance duties provided temporary relief of Misaki’s boredom while her husband worked long hours at his new job.  The absent intimacy having reached the three-year mark, Misaki’s sexual desires consumed and frustrated her to the point in which she was ready to take action to cure it.  So, she created a profile on a very familiar website and decided to explore her cravings.

The first time I saw Misaki’s profile, it was discreet but very informative of what she was looking for and showcased what she’d already discovered.  Her description was short and concise — Asian, married, with a newfound craving for black cock.  She didn’t want to play with couples, only men with a BBC and a good attitude.

There was a casual picture of her from the neck down in a pair of shorts and sitting at what looked like a park bench.  Her skin was very fair, her legs were nice, and her body was lean and trim.  The remaining two pictures showed a muscular Black man fucking her doggy style; the photo was taken behind them so neither of their faces were showing.  The next photo was a close up of her sitting between the Black man’s legs and holding his cum-erupting dick.

In the Reviews section, the Black man in the picture (I’ll call him unknownblackdude24) had a very eloquent and descriptive paragraph praising how amazing Misaki was as a person and sexual partner, and how anyone who’d be lucky enough to meet her would also agree.  Out of curiosity, I looked at unknownblackdude24’s profile and saw that she’d left quite a flattering review about him as well.  Besides their fondness for one another, I could tell they had a connection beyond sex.  But, they were both open to exploring beyond their connection and I wanted to explore Misaki.

Misaki and I exchanged emails until she was comfortable enough to take my number and give me a call.  We chatted over the phone during the day while her husband was at work and she was out and about.  We had a lot of great discussions and some even greater laughs.  I was amused by her broken English and how she’d pause at times while trying to figure out how to phrase certain things.  She’d say, “Mmm,” a lot as an affirmation; she told me that was typical in Japanese culture as a way of saying, “yes.”  I liked it and wondered if she’d be Mmm-ing while I pleasured her.

After we’d built a level of comfort with one another, we set up a day and time to meet at my place.  When that day came, she called me from downstairs to let me know that she’d parked and was on her way up.  A few minutes later, there was a knock on my door.

I opened the door and there stood a petite woman in a dark dress, smiling beneath a black, brim hat and big sunglasses.  She was like an Asian Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

“Hello,” she said in her cute, broken English, pronounced more like, “heh-ro.”

“Hello,” I smiled.  “Come on in.”

I closed the door behind her.  She turned and offered her hand.

“Nice to meet you.”

“How about a hug instead?” I suggested.

She giggled and gave me a quick embrace.

“Sorry.  Just so… nervous.”

“Don’t be.  Make yourself at home.”

“Thank you,” she said as she removed her hat and glasses.  “So hot today.”

“Yes, it is.  You look very nice.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m sure you’d like something to drink, to cool off.”

“Water please.”

I poured us both glasses of iced water and we chatted and shared some laughs.  Once I felt her nervous edge had disappeared, I led her to the bedroom.


We sat on the edge of my bed and engaged in a soft kiss.  The kiss intensified as I unbuttoned the back of her dress.  She stood and slid out of the dress, revealing her thin body and a white lace bra, sans panties.  I rubbed my middle finger across her tight and wet pussy underneath the small patch of hair above it.  Had I known she wasn’t wearing any panties, I’d have asked her to keep the dress on so I could lift her skirt and take her that way.

Misaki slipped off her heels and lied on the bed.  My hands ran along her thighs as she opened them for me.  I grabbed her by the waist and sucked the nipples of her tiny breasts.  Her hands squeezed my cock as it bulged beneath my boxers.

“I want to suck it,” she said.

I took out my hard pole and dangled it in front of her face.  Her eyes widened.

“Oh my God… is this real?”

“Let’s find out if it is,” I said as I slid the head between her lips.  Her tiny hands gripped the shaft as she moaned and tried to take it in.  She stopped and covered her mouth, embarrassed.

“So big,” she laughed.  “I don’t think I can take it.”

I led her to the foot of the bed and told her to get on her knees.  Her hands gripped my cock as she knelt before me and attempted to suck it again.  She made it a little past the head, but her front teeth scraped the top of my shaft after she passed it.  I grabbed the back of her head and gently pulled her forward until she started to gag.  She pushed against my thighs until my meat was free from her mouth.  She coughed and laughed at herself again.

“It’s too big,” she chuckled.  “You have a huge cock.   I’ve never sucked this big before.”

“Try again,” I urged as I tapped my cock against her cheeks and rested it on her lips.

She opened as wide as she could, but it was too much dick for her demure mouth to take.  I tolerated the pain of her teeth grating my shaft because I enjoyed the visual of this prim and proper Asian woman on her knees, choking and struggling to suck my BBC.

I told her to lie on the bed again and open up for me.  She obeyed and rubbed her clit while watching me put on a condom.

“Be gentle, please,” she requested.

I painted both her pussy and my condom with lots of lube to make the introduction easier.

The walls of her pussy stretched open against my dick as I slid inside of her.  She gasped and clenched my arms with every thrust.  Her love tunnel was short; only half of my dick would fit inside of it.  After some moderate stroking, I pounded her pussy like I was trying to break through to her stomach.  Misaki never resisted; she liked it hard and intense.

“Ohhhh… God!” she screamed as the first orgasm consumed her body and made her shake and quiver like she was possessed.

I made her cum a few more times then stood beside the bed, pulled her towards me, and inserted myself again.  I lifted her by the waist as her legs clutched around my back and she locked her arms around my neck.  My fingers dug into her ass as she rode me like a madwoman.  My cock bent in an awkward and painful way at times because of the lack of depth, but I maneuvered her as best I could to ease the discomfort.  Her huffs and moans intensified as she picked up the pace and convulsed like she was having a seizure.  She came and let out an ear-piercing yell that I’m sure echoed throughout the entire neighborhood.

The intensity of our session had our bodies sticking together with a film of sweat.  She dismantled me, got on her knees, and offered her petite ass and gaping pussy.  I smacked my cock against her ass cheeks before I fucked her doggy style and pulled out, slipped off the condom, and came across her lower back.

Misaki stayed in position as I used a warm washcloth to wipe away the cum as it seeped between her ass cheeks and towards her ravaged pussy.  We laid in bed for a while until she realized that she had errands to run and needed to get home before her husband returned.   After she showered and freshened up, I fastened the back of her dress as she put on her brim hat and sunglasses, and walked her to her car.

I opened the driver’s side door of her luxury BMW sedan with tinted windows.  She sat inside and slipped two white, satin sleeves over her arms that almost touched her shoulders.

“To keep the sun from my skin,” she explained.

It’s wasn’t uncommon to see Asian women shrouding themselves with big hats, visors, and shades during the bright, summer days in the city.  I also remembered what people I knew from certain Asian countries told me — fair skin is a status symbol, as it continues to be in other countries around the world as well.  Lighter skin assumes the individual is wealthy and indoors more often than a darker-skinned person, who’s assumed to be out in the sun doing low-wage labor.

Next, Misaki put a surgeon’s mask over her nose and mouth.

“Thank you for everything,” she said through the mask.

I couldn’t help but laugh.   She laughed too.

“I look silly don’t I?”

“You look like you’re prepared for the nuclear apocalypse.”

She chuckled and asked for directions to get back to the freeway.  I gave them to her, bid her farewell, and watched as she drove away.

We met on a second occasion but the intensity wasn’t the same.  She wasn’t as into it as before and her orgasms weren’t as intense.  She told me a few days later that things were becoming more serious with unknownblackguy24 and they’d agreed to be exclusive with one another; she was also considering leaving her husband to be with him.  I asked why she’d bothered to come over a second time; she said that she liked me and wanted to keep her promise that we’d meet again.

Not long after, Misaki’s profile became inactive and she and unknownblackguy24 created a profile together stating they would only play with a third as a couple.  I never heard from Misaki again and have always wondered if she left her husband to be with unknownblackguy24 and how it all played out.

In any case, Misaki didn’t want the sun to darken her pale skin, but she learned that only a Black man with a big, Black dick could satisfy her needs.




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