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Curves and a Raunchy Tattoo

“Come on up!” her voice echoed in the narrow stairwell.

I ascended towards the partially opened door as the hardwood stairs creaked beneath my sneakers.  When I entered the posh living room of the two-story duplex, I was surrounded by a very clean and well-kept abode — there was antique and stylish furniture complimenting the decor of abstract paintings on the wall, a collection of distinctive objects and statues around the room, and a really cool electric guitar on a corner stand.

“I’m back here,” she called from the bedroom down the hall.

I entered the bedroom and Catherine stood there like the tall and buxom, red-haired goddess she was.  Her 38G breasts were ready to burst through the black corset that hugged her curvy frame; hands resting on her hips above black-laced panties and platform heels made her a little over six feet tall.

“Hi,” she smiled.

“Hello,” I smiled back.

Our expressions of delight towards one another changed into immediate hunger.  Her heels thumped loudly against the hardwood floor as she confronted and leaned down to meet me at six feet, giving me a passionate kiss.  Our lips and tongues danced as I squeezed the sides of her corset, her hands descending the muscles of my torso towards the bulge about to rupture my pants.  Once she felt it, she broke the kiss and continued rubbing it, her emerald eyes glaring at me with intense lust.

“Is that for me?” she smirked.

“Yes it is.”

Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees, pulled out my cock, and sucked it with the fury of a starved beast.  Every stroke of her mouth lubed my rod with enough slobber to slide her hands up and down the shaft between strokes.  My head tipped back and I moaned with pleasure, trying not to cum.

Catherine rose and led me to her bed which was high off the ground and stacked with all sorts of decorative pillows.  She gave me another deep kiss, turned, and leaned forward onto her elbows.

“Feed me that cock Daddy,” she moaned.  “My pussy’s so fucking hungry for it.”

I slipped on a condom as she pressed her ass against me, rocking it back and forth in a playful motion.

“You like my big white ass?”

“Hell yeah baby, I love it.”

My palm instinctively smacked her left cheek.  She gasped as I squeezed the red imprint.

“Spank me again Daddy.”

“Have you been a bad girl?”


I struck Catherine’s right cheek harder than the left one.  She screamed on impact and her thighs trembled.

Please fuck me!” she shouted.

Catherine kicked off her heels, lowering her meaty ass down to my waist.  I spanked my cock against both cheeks, teasing and making her beg some more, then gave another firm squeeze as I slid inside of her wet pussy.

My thrust was slow at first because I loved hearing her shriek with every push.  I harnessed her sweaty hair for leverage and lunged in sync with her intense motion.  She pulled me in deeper until her buns were slapping against my stomach so hard that I had to plant my legs to keep from sliding backwards.

Catherine stood and removed her corset.  My mouth attached to her mammoth breasts as soon as they were released, her hands rubbing my head like a crystal ball.   She grabbed the sides of my face and lifted me towards hers for a passionate kiss.

“Fuck me in my ass Daddy,” she begged.  “Please.”

“Is everything nice and clean?”

“Yeah, I cleaned out really good before you came over.”

She grabbed a bottle of lube from the nightstand and handed it to me before she offered her ass again.  I put on another condom and saturated my cock with lube as she spread her cheeks open.

Catherine screamed as the head of my cock bore through her tight hole, clamping tight against my shaft as it eased inside.  After a few gentle strokes, she relaxed and she urged me to go deeper and harder.  The grip of her tunnel felt so good that I couldn’t resist her demands.  I propped my foot onto the bed and pounded her with deep and powerful strokes, pulling her hair again.

When I slowed the pace and pulled out a little, I whiffed a faint, pungent odor.

“Um, I think there’s a problem.”

“What’s wrong? Am I dirty?”

I pulled all the way out and there was a bit of brown residue on the tip.

“A little bit,” I said, turning my nose away so I wouldn’t get the full aroma.

“I’m so sorry…” Catherine quickly grabbed a cluster of tissues from the nightstand and rolled the condom off of me and into them.  “I swear I cleaned my self good before you got here.”

“It’s okay, it happens,” I assured her.

“Be right back.”

She rushed into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.  The toilet flushed and the sound of bath water roared into the tub.  I collapsed into the pile of bed pillows and looked at the abstract paintings that hung on her wall.  Her taste in art was impressive and I became immersed in the various images I saw.

A few minutes later, Catherine exited the bathroom with a warm washcloth.

“I’m so sorry again.  I should be completely clean now.”

She cleaned my cock and balls with the washcloth though nothing was on them;  it was a beautiful gesture of making certain nothing was tainted and she kissed me the entire time.

“Do you forgive me Daddy?” she asked in a soft whisper.

“I forgive you baby,” I said, stroking her hair.

Catherine slipped another condom onto my cock, hopped onto the bed, and got all fours.  I slid inside of her asshole and stroked her deeply a few times, then pulled out to check everything.

“Is it okay now?” she asked.

“Yep, you did good baby.”

And I made sure to fuck her good.

I turned Catherine onto her back and got ready to fuck her ass in missionary, then noticed the word Cumslut tattooed above her pussy in a stylish font.

“I’m a slut for cum, especially from a cock like yours,” was her explanation when I asked about it.

I spread her legs wide by the ankles and watched my dark cock slide in and out of her ass.   Her giant tits flopped up and down as mouth played catch with them.  I’d stop and pull out just to look at her hole, gaping like a blossomed flower, hungry for my Black beast to fill it again.

“You are so fucking sexy,” she huffed.

“So are you,” I panted in return.

We were both sweaty and exhausted, but our hunger for each other kept us going.  After a while, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I had to give her my seed.

Feeling myself ready to explode, I pulled out and ripped off the condom.

Catherine rubbed her clit with fury as I stroked myself to a thick explosion over her tattoo.  Her body shook as she screamed and roared to a climax, smearing my cum over the letters and sucking the remaining residue from her fingers.

“Come here,” she beckoned.

Her hands cuffed the back of my thighs as she pulled me closer and put my cock in her mouth, sucking the remaining juice I had left.  She savored every drop as I moaned, and she smiled at how intoxicated as I was.

Afterwards our sweaty bodies cuddled as we talked about the interesting art on her wall, life, and music. I learned that she was once part of a very popular band that had a lot of mainstream success –- the band has one of my favorite songs and I couldn’t believe it didn’t dawn on me that she was in it.  But, there have been plenty of times I’ve been in the company of greatness and didn’t realize it at the moment.

Those days were behind her and she was a successful professional in another field that required lots of intelligence, which she definitely had.

She was a woman of substance beyond the sex and that made me want her even more; and I enjoyed many more passionate encounters with this amazing cumslut.


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