Adult Arcade Adventure

She’d lost a bet with a friend.  The punishment, anal sex with 10 Black guys before the night was over.  I was Black Guy Number One… I think.

It was just like every other adult arcade — murky lighting, industrial-grade cleaner in the air, and the flat screen monitor above the sex toy racks showed a chick getting reamed in her holes by a group of guys.  The odd, skinny dude behind the counter was too busy reading something and didn’t even bother to look my way as I passed him.

In the back of the store, a red neon sign beamed the word Arcade above a hallway entrance.  That’s where she told me to go, and she’d be in Booth #1.

I stepped into the hallway and saw a few booths on both sides, each with a saloon-type door and a number above the entrance.  Booth #1 was the first on the left.  I pushed open the door and saw her immersed in her cell phone screen as she paced beside a wooden stool.  Whatever was playing on the wall monitor inside illuminated this pale, sexy vixen and I was able to see her vividly — colorful tattoo sleeves covered the arms and shoulders of this petite brunette, and she was completely nude except for the black stilettos she wore.  But I was actually relieved to see the woman in the photos I’d been emailed earlier.

“Hey,” she said, barely looking up from her phone.

I shut the door and confronted her.

“Let me see it.”

I took out my almost-erect pole.  She took it in her hand, stroked it a few times, and brought it to full attention.


She continued to hold it as she turned, propped her right knee on the stool, and guided my cock towards her ass.

“Whoa, wait a second,” I said as I recoiled.  “Let me put on a condom.”

I retrieved the condom from my pocket and armed myself for the deed.

“Everything’s clean?” I asked.


She slid her finger deep inside of her asshole, pulled it out, and showed me how clean it was.  The pink hole between her firm ass cheeks was tight.  I wasn’t sure how my enormous head, let alone the rest of my dick, was gonna fit inside of it, but she guided me in and accepted me with ease.

I stroked her ass very slow, not just because the feeling was amazing, but out of concern that I’d split her tiny ass open.  That was no concern of hers.  She grabbed my waist, pulled me in deeper, and urged me to go faster.  Had a mirror been beneath us, you’d most likely have seen my cock making an impression in her stomach.  I wanted to fuck the shit out of her, but not literally.

I pulled out just to make sure everything was still clean, and it was.  I squeezed some lube along my pipe, slipped back inside of her, and smashed her pale ass with no mercy.  My hands ran down her smooth and delicate body, then I let go and allowed her to push against me in her own rhythm.  I leaned forward and rubbed her clit, but she moved my hand away.

“No touching there.”  She rubbed her hand down my sweaty chest and stomach.  “Cum for me.”

After a few long strokes, my cock throbbed inside of her anal walls and filled the condom with cum.  She pulled it out and looked at the load caught inside of the tip.

“Nice.”  She nodded towards the corner.   “There’s some paper towels behind you.”

I grabbed a few sheets from the roll in the wall indenture, removed the condom, and crumbled it inside of them.  I didn’t see a trash can, so I pocketed the condom-filled paper ball. Her body language shifted towards the door, signaling me to exit, as she engrossed herself in the phone again.

“Did you really lose a bet with your friend?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she snickered, “we bet some crazy shit.”

“So what if he’d lost?”

“Then 10 Black guys would have to fuck him too.”

I snickered, opened the door, and was compelled to turn and offer a bit of advice:

“You really need to be careful tonight.”

“Thanks,” she said, without looking up.

I exited the booth and looked towards the end of the hall where I saw a neatly dressed Black guy facing the wall and peering down at his cell phone.  As I made my way towards the exit, another Black guy gave me a quick glance as he pretended to shop in one of the DVD aisles.  When I exited the building, another Black guy looked at his cell phone as he sat is his parked car across the street.

The experience was bizarre and stimulating, but her time-management skills could’ve been better…



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