Birth of a Modern Mandingo: Part 2

Kate slowly stroked my cock with her hand as she leaned forward and kissed me.  Her lips were full and soft as I savored the way they gently pressed against mine.  Our tongues met and danced in slow intervals that would end in us sucking on the bottoms of each others’ lips.

My hands groped her sides as she lifted her top and my mouth magnetized to her milky breasts.  After a moment of succulent bliss, I somehow managed to remove my mouth and resume kissing her.  Our lips remained locked as I rested my body on top of hers; the plumpness of her breasts levitated me as her thighs pressed against my sides and her calves rubbed against my back.

“Fuck me,” she demanded.

During my pit stop at the bathroom before going to her apartment, I’d grabbed a condom just in case things went in this direction.  I ripped the golden wrapper and slipped on the latex as she slipped off her panties.  There was a thin patch of hair above her meaty pussy lips that were wet and ready to be entered.

Kate gasped as I slid my cock inside of her.  Her thighs tightened against me as her fingers dug into my shoulders.

“Go slow,” she purred.

My stroke was gentle and unhurried as I plunged deeper with every few thrusts.  Her panting grew heavier with each push until the head touched the wall of cervix.

Kate screamed and pushed against my shoulders as I held my cock in its position.  She turned her body slightly aside to relieve the pressure then stared at me in awe.

“What the fuck are you doing to me?” she asked.

“Want me to stop?”

“I don’t know – I’ve never had someone go that deep before.”

“You don’t want me to stop.  Just relax.”

I drew back the head from her cervix, but kept my thrusts deep enough to tease the possibility of smashing into it again.  Her body tensed in preparation with every drive, but her euphoria overruled any fears.

It wasn’t long before Kate’s thighs relaxed and her hands pulled me in by the waist.

“Harder,” she urged.  “Fuck me harder.”

I plunged deeper, letting the head of my cock smash against her wall with every plunge.  After a few moments of vigorous pounding, I pulled out to give our sweaty bodies a break. I knelt above her and stroked myself as we caught her breath.

“That all you got?” she wheezed.

“That wasn’t enough for you, huh?”

“Yeah, I thought you could fuck me harder than that.”

Her playful provocation stirred an exciting aggressiveness within me.

“Let’s see what I can do.”

I turned Kate over and onto her knees and elbows and used her long, blonde curls as reigns while I fucked her from behind and her plump ass cheeks smacked against my stomach.  She bit into her pillow as her fingers clenched the sheets and loosened them from the mattress.

I stopped for a moment to check the condom, which also gave us a quick moment of recovery.  She collapsed onto her stomach and let out huge sigh.

“Is that as – deep as you can go?” she puffed.  “I expected more from you.”

“Get back on your knees,” I commanded.

Kate slowly lifted herself into posture.  She growled as I put myself inside of her again and clustered the ends of her hair between my fingers.  I stood in a squatting position above her, rested my elbows above her ass, and drove my cock into her like I was drilling through concrete.

Her screams were deafening; I knew that everyone on our side of the building could hear us.  The headboard smashed against the wall so hard, I thought we’d eventually break through and fall into her neighbor’s place.

Kate tried to lean forward to prevent my cock from going too deep inside of her, but my elbows kept her in place.  I let go of her hair and pressed her face into the pillow to absorb her squeals.  One of my final lunges raised her head as she cried out to God Almighty.

I pulled out and let her collapse again.

“So you believe in God,” I joked.

She panted for a moment before answering. “I do now.”

I turned her over and spread her legs wide, keeping them held back by the back of her knees.  I lowered myself just above her bouncing tits and locked lips with her.  My momentum increased as I felt myself ready to cum.

“Cum on me babe,” she said as she squeezed her breasts together.  “I want it right here.”

After a few more thrusts, I stood above her and removed the condom.  I pressed my hand against the wall for balance and used the other to aim the explosion of cum onto her enormous targets.

Kate smeared the creamy pond between her breasts and looked up at me as I exhaled in post-ejaculation bliss.

Mandingo,” she whispered.

I laughed.  “Mandingo? Is that my new name?”

“It suits you.”

I looked at myself in the closet mirror – a dark, muscular man towering above a White woman who’d just had her body filled with an instrument of desire and taken to the brink of ecstasy.

I’d pleasured my fair share of women before Kate, but since the breakup I’d lost all confidence in my abilities.  She’d reawakened what I thought had vanished.

From that night on, Kate never referred to me by my legal name – to her, I was Mandingo.

She didn’t even know why she gave me the name.  I asked her on a few occasions what inspired her beyond the great sex, but she never had a clue.  She wasn’t’ familiar with the porn star named Mandingo, she’d never seen the film about the slave from the Mandingo tribe who’s sexual dexterity was used for his White mistresses pleasure until it came to a tragic end, nor was she familiar with the significance of the term in pop culture.

In any case, the name stuck.

Kate and I became good friends and had more passionate nights together, which inevitably led to things becoming more complicated.   She wanted to date and progress towards having something serious, but I wasn’t ready or willing to be involved with anyone.  I was still in the recovery phase of my failed relationship and trying to figure out how to heal from it.  Plus, she had issues of her own to figure out, so it wouldn’t have been an ideal situation for either of us.

I’d also started doing some self-reflection – I hadn’t been in many relationships (by design) because only a few women in my life had ever been worth sharing my time with beyond sex and casual conversation.  I’d always done better with a variety of friendships that stimulated the various aspects of my intellect and sexual desires without committing to just one person.

That’s what I needed to go back to.

But I was still heartbroken and not able to write or do anything that involved creative expression.  However, the energy remained of inside me and needed an outlet.

Sex was the answer – lots and lots of sex.

I lived in one of the largest metropolitan cities in America and hadn’t really explored its endless, erotic boundaries.  Seeking out and indulging these unlimited pleasures would be the solution to ending my heartache.  Even if it wasn’t, I was gonna give it a shot.

And what a long shot it turned out to be.



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