My Darling Dancer from London

Emily met me downstairs in the lobby of her condo.  She was slender and pale with a killer pair of legs earned from spending most of her life as a professional dancer in London before moving to the States.  She approached me with open arms as her gorgeous smile sparkled beneath her curly, red locks.

“I’m glad you made it,” she said as we embraced.

I loved her English accent.  If there’s one way of speaking that will turn me on regardless of what’s being said, it’s the Queen’s English from the tongue of a beautiful woman.

“Thank you for inviting me,” I replied, inhaling her scent.  The smell of her hair was fresh and sweet with a hint of cigarette smoke mixed into it.

Emily took my hand and led me upstairs to her unit.  It was a nice, two-level abode that was empty aside from a couch and floor lamp in the living area.  I could smell the dried paint on the walls and the new carpet that had just been laid.  In her bedroom there was a dresser with unlit jar candles on top, a mattress on the floor, and a few books and magazines scattered around it.

“We just moved in yesterday,” she said as she lit the candles with a cigarette lighter.

Emily had broken up with her live-in boyfriend, moved out, and couch surfed between her friend’s places while looking for a place of her own.   At the dance studio where Emily worked (where we’d also have some amazing sex at a later time), she met an early twenty-something girl from Louisiana who’d just arrived in the city and was looking for a roommate.  So, they quickly became friends and moved in together.

Emily’s room became brighter and the aroma from the candles filled the air.  We sat on the mattress and talked about her life in London and how she came to the States be a professional dancer, but her dreams didn’t work out as planned.  While pursuing her career, she’d met a guy (the ex-boyfriend mentioned above) who was controlling and destroyed her motivation and self-esteem.  That in turn led her to the prison of self-doubt and the abandonment of her ambitions.

I could’ve listened to Emily talk all night; as a matter of fact, we spent most of the night chatting and laughing.  Her sense of humor was very broad like her tastes in music and fashion, and she was very observant of her surroundings and curious to learn about everyone and everything she encountered.  Though her dancing career hadn’t turned out as she’d hoped, her zeal for life hadn’t faded.

Our physical attraction to each other eventually replaced our chatting.  We leaned forward and engaged in tender kisses that became fervent with passion.  Her lips were thin, but she bit and sucked mine with nothing short of carnal hunger.

I kissed down Emily’s neck as she straddled me and loosened the straps of her blouse, exposing her tiny breasts and slim torso.  My hands squeezed her waist as I sucked on her nipples.  Her body responded to every twirl of my tongue and draw of my lips against them.  Her moans were loud and I could feel the hot air from every pant seep into the top of my head.

“Let me suck your cock,” she whispered.

I slid my pants and boxers down to my knees and her narrow fingers wrapped around my dick.  She licked the pre-cum from the tip, opened wide, and took in as much of my cock as she could.  The teeth from that big and pretty smile got in the way quite a bit, but I urged her to open wider when the scrapes got too painful.  I brushed the hair away from her face and held it between my fingers so I could get a better visual of her doing her work and so that her curls wouldn’t get in the way of her efforts.

Emily lied back and rubbed her clit as I slipped on a condom.  The lips of her labia were thick, juicy, and I was eager to taste them.  I took my time and used my tongue to savor her meaty drapes and spread them apart as I worked my way towards her clit.  Her fingers dug into my head as my tongue revolved around her swollen orb.  Emily shouted God’s name a few times as she rotated her hips, her thighs shivered against the sides of my face, and her juices dampened my mouth.  As her orgasm ceased, I gave her clit a few suckles and let the excess fluid drench her pussy for my incoming.

I felt the walls of her pussy stretch against the thickness of my dick as it slid inside and the head touched the wall of her cervix.  Emily’s legs wrapped behind my back and with every gentle thrust her fingers dug into my biceps.

“Harder,” she urged.  “Fuck me harder.”

I increased my momentum.  Sweat poured between my pecs and down the maze of abs I’d spent months in the gym crafting.  She took in every bit of me and bit into my shoulder as she climaxed.

“God I love your fucking cock,” she said through her heavy gasps.

I loved her fucking accent.

I lifted Emily from the bed with one arm and slid my cock inside of her again.  She wrapped her arms around my neck and put her legs behind my back as I hoisted her up and down.  Our lips remained locked as her nails pierced my back and she came again.

I turned away from the kiss and looked at our reflection in the mirrored closet doors.

“Look how sexy we are,” I said as I brushed the hair away from her eyes.

She looked at the mirror image of her fair and slender body wrapped around my dark and muscular torso.  My biceps bulged as I held her, augmenting the V-shaped outline of my back.  The muscles of her thighs and calves and thighs flexed against my waist as the outpouring of our sweat made us shine.  If someone could’ve poured plaster on us in that moment, we’d have been a Michelangelo sculpture.

“We are quite pleasing to look at aren’t we?”  she giggled.

We laughed and resumed fucking in that position while exchanging glances in the mirror at ourselves.  She came again, hopped down my from grasp, and grabbed the blankets from the bed.

“Let’s go up to the roof,” she said.

We wrapped ourselves in the blankets and went up to the private roof area above the unit.  A cool breeze dried my sweaty forehead when we reached the top.  The moon was full and stars clustered the sky between the transparent streaks of clouds.  The distant metropolis was a grand maze of streetlights and skyscraper windows with rows of mountains erect beyond the grid.

I sat in the iron chair at the balcony table and felt the cold metal on my butt cheeks through the blanket.  Emily faced me, slid my dick inside of her, and gave me a deep kiss that caused a surge of warmth under my skin.  She sheathed us both with her blanket, locked her feet behind my calves, and moved her hips in a slow rhythm.  Our foreheads touched as my fingers slithered through her hair and my palms clasped the sides of her face.

“Cum with me,” she whispered.  “Please come with me.”

My fingers squeezed her thighs as I came inside of her.  Emily’s body shivered as she screamed, but she quickly stuffed a bit of the blanket in her mouth, realizing that we were outside in the wee hours of the morning.  We laughed to ourselves as we caught our breath.

“I have a favor to ask,” she said.

“Of course.”

“May I call you Daddy?”

“You can definitely call me Daddy.”

“Thank you Daddy.  I want to be a good girl for you so that you’ll fuck me good like this when we’re together.”

“I’m sure you’ll be a good girl for me.”

We relaxed for awhile in the comfort of our blanketed bodies, enjoying the nocturnal serenity, before going inside and calling it a night.



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