Wisdom Learned Inside of an Adult Arcade

When I reminisce on the Adult Arcade Adventure, I realize how risky the situation was and how I managed to come out unscathed.

Part of the reason is because I’m the type of person that has the tendency to over think and consider the multiple possibilities and outcomes of a given situation.  Most people, especially men, aren’t like that.  At times my predictions are right, sometimes they’re all wrong, and then there’s the possibility I didn’t think of — that’s usually the one that happens.

A good friend of mine believes that male rationalization can be divided into two streams of consciousness that are easy to recognize:  The Upper Head and the Lower Head.

Once the Lower Head becomes the decision-maker based on the presented stimuli, any logic that resides in the Upper Head becomes irrelevant.  I believe that a man should be mindful of both Heads in order to maintain sanity and avoid danger.

Before I ventured into the Arcade that night, my Lower Head was ready for action but my Upper Head factored a few negative possibilities of what the booth vixen could’ve been:

  • An escort or street hustler luring people into the arcade to get robbed by her pimp or hustler friends
  • A weird dude emailing under the guise of a woman and hoping someone would still fuck him once they arrived
  • Some filthy hag who looked nothing like the girl in the photos she sent me, and had to mask herself in the shadows to get someone to fuck her

All of those scenarios were based on horror stories I’d read from other sex adventurers, but I figured that I could handle them all if necessary.  None of the above applied, and of course, the unforeseen possibility was the one that did.

I expected a woman who was gonna be the recipient of 10 different cocks in her ass to have safe sex at the top of her priorities, but I was wrong.  The Moment I pulled my cock out of my pants and she pulled it towards her ass, Upper Head instinctively kicked in and caused my body to recoil.

So what was her reason for wanting bareback anal sex with a group of strangers?  Based on her style alone, she wasn’t some sheltered, naïve chick that was oblivious to the risks of unprotected anal sex.  I’ll never know what her real motivation was other than losing a bet with her friend, but I’ve scrutinized and narrowed it down to two possibilities:

Maliciousness was the first option; morbid but plausible.  She could’ve been diagnosed with an incurable STD and wanted to pass it along to anyone willing to fuck her raw.  In this case, the targets were 10 Black men.  Maybe she was with a Black guy who gave her something and sought vengeance by passing it along to 10 more.  It seems petty, but people have irrational ways of seeking revenge against the person who victimized them, even if it doesn’t involve the victimizer.

Recklessness is the option I believe to be the case.  Maybe the sexy booth vixen was one of those lucky people who never threw caution into the wind or had to suffer the negative consequences of her actions.  For all I know, the 10 participants could’ve had the same sort of luck.

But how would her luck have fared if I’d been the one with a life-threatening STD that I didn’t disclose and obliged to have unprotected anal sex with her?  Or, what if one of the 10 had something and a few of the guys after him were willing to go unprotected as well?  And as mentioned above, what if she was the one maliciously passing along the gift that kept on giving and some of the guys went along with it?

The entire situation could’ve been an infection-filled petri dish for all parties involved.  What’s more fucked up is thinking about how many of the guys had wives they went home to or girlfriends and partners they had unprotected sex with after that night.

The Adult Arcade Adventure provided a clear example of how people can make decisions that not only affects their own lives, but also the lives of others.

Protection, people. Always use protection.

Even though I used protection, I was tested for all STD’s after the experience and passed with a clean bill of health.  As for her, the other men who showed up that night, and those involved in the personal lives of the parties involved, I hope that luck favored their reckless behavior.



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