No Black Apples Please: Why Sex Workers Reject Black Men as Customers

A few bad apples can spoil the bunch, especially if those apples are black.

Discrimination against Black men is a common theme in the sex worker industry and there are many reasons for why it exists.

If you peruse the ads of female escorts, it’s normal to see them list their catering preferences towards a Gentleman or an Upscale Gentleman, in hopes of attracting clientele of a higher economic and social status.  No Blocked Calls or Texts is another common restriction to screen anonymous callers or people who want to trade pictures and have lengthy text conversations that would be a waste of the worker’s time.  And aside from mentions of things that should be part of a normal person’s daily hygienic regimen (a shower, fresh breath) there’s the list of services they will and won’t do.

Then it becomes racial.

No Black Men.

No African-Americans.

No Black Men Under 40.

I Don’t Date Black Men.

Sometimes there’s a ‘sorry’ at the end of the chosen disclaimer to lessen the blow of racial bias, but the apology doesn’t reduce the sting of discrimination for a decent Black man who wants nothing more than sexual satisfaction.  It should also be noted that some Black female sex workers stamp these disclaimers against Black men as well.

A direct plunge into the waters of pay-for-play prejudice helped me get a better perspective about it.  I once called an escort who was a beautiful, exotic mix of different ethnicities, and she didn’t have any restrictions for men on her ad other than being a gentleman.  Since I have a nice voice and speak proper English, she was very polite and kind during our discussion.  Then, the inaudible drum roll sounded as I asked if she was open to race.  The cymbal crashed, her tone became more serious, and I was flooded with a barrage of questions as if I’d been detained by the Customs Department at the airport:

What race are you?  How old are you?  What profession are you in?  What area do you live in? 

She grilled me with even more questions about myself than those mentioned above.  Even though I had no intent of acquiring her services, the interrogation would’ve killed any desire of mine had I intended to do so.  But that might’ve been part of her avoidance plan to sway me from visiting.  After ending the conversation, I wondered what would’ve happened had I not asked about or told her my race and been given the OK to show up at her place.  Because of my voice, I’m sure she’d have expected a professional White guy.  So, if she’d seen a Black man (though well dressed and groomed) through door’s peephole, she’d most likely have interrogated me from behind the door before opening it; that’s assuming she wouldn’t have ignored me altogether.

So who are the rotten black apples that make it bad for the rest of the bunch?

Cheapskates and Thieves.  Some girls have noted experiences with Black customers that try to haggle down the price agreed to before meeting.  Others have had Black men put the money on the dresser before the act, grab it, and rush out after the deed is done.

Well-Endowed Men.  Some girls exclude Black men because of their size.  Of course, not all Black men are hung like a horse and there’s plenty of scientific research to prove it, but myths and stereotypes prevail in this business.  Since being a sex worker is a business and the body is the product, a sex session with any well-endowed man would require much more recovery time than the average (or below-average) customer who’s efforts aren’t muscle-exhausting, marathon performances.  One or more of the escort’s orifices are the items being used repeatedly on a daily or nightly basis, so the smaller and least intrusive the better.

Disrespectful Youngsters.  Young Black men have been typecast as being degrading to women both in and out of the bedroom thanks to certain aspects of hip-hop culture and the images it portrays of how men treat them; women should be referred to as bitches and hoes while having alcohol poured over the bodies and doing every sexual act the man wants.  Some escorts have stated that younger Black men can be rougher and demeaning than their non-Black customers, reiterating what was mentioned about minimal product damage.

Pimps.  The majority of pimps are Black men and some of them don’t want their girls to service other Black men in fear they might be lured away from the pimp or the escort business altogether.  That would be a loss of income for the pimp, so they think it’s best to service men who aren’t Black.  But the faulty logic in that restriction is that a client of a different race could lure her away just the same.  However, it seems the biggest reason for the exclusion of Black men comes from pimps who hunt down independent sex workers and force them (sometimes violently) to work under their control.

moneyeditWhat every man, regardless of race, should realize is that sex workers don’t do the job for the enjoyment of sex.  It’s a business; the oldest form of commerce that exists in humanity. The women are there to make money and their bodies are the products used to generate revenue.  The clients they entertain usually aren’t men they’d seek out for pleasure in real life and the sex they’re providing is an illusion of gratification that’s meant to make the client feel wanted and to satisfy his needs.  There’s no enjoyment for the worker except the money she’s given for creating the illusion.

And, since sex workers are using their bodies as the means to create the illusion, discrimination laws don’t apply and they can refuse service to anyone they choose.  Not to mention their profession is illegal in most parts of the world, so there’s no reason to start a social movement against the biases of an illegal profession without attempting to eliminate the profession altogether.

Discrimination is an ordinary experience in a Black man’s life, even in the most trivial of situations.  The denial of basic, sexual pleasure from those who offer it should be no surprise, especially when there are some who’ve distorted the perception of suitable Black men who bear no malicious intent towards anyone, sex worker or not.

If the rotten black apples spoil the bunch, let them rot… there are still choices of workers out there who’d prefer the decent and ripened apples of all kinds.


  • [een anonieme escort]
    August 31, 2015

    Hi Mandingo,

    Interesting article. Thanks for tweeting me about it. I must say I do not have any exclusions based on race, but I must admit that I don’t have many black clients. I had never thought about it, so this was a bit of an eye opener.

    Though I roughly agree on the full article, I would like to give a couple of thoughts as well. As an escort I think I do have a couple of things to say, but also as a woman!

    First, let me say that Escorts can enjoy their business. At least, we try. Therefore we exclude unhygienic guys, and also the rude ones. The ones that start with complaints about expenses. I don’t mind the color of their skin, just get out and take your money somewhere else. Sadly there are also racist restrictions.

    I do see a lot of racism in ads. I think it is short-sighted, but I must admit I’ve never had any problem with a guy, thinking his race had anything to do with his misbehavior.

    If someone honestly believes that a rotten apple from the pas was rotten because of his ethnicity I get sad. I think it’s the most unsuccessful protection because you are simply not understanding that violent people are sadly not recognized by skin color. But , we are trying to be protective, and though I will never agree with racism, I must admit, some of my restrictions will probably block more often blacks than whites…

    For instance, I prefer guys who can write proper Dutch.

    Also, I do not like Hip-hop culture. It must be said, the whiter they are, the ruder they seem to me.

    Also hard-drug users I refuse. To be honest, I have refused two men on this restriction, and I am sorry, they where not white. But if they were, they would have, off course.

    By the way, I like your blog a lot. It gives ma lots of inspiration!


    • AFet
      May 22, 2017

      I enjoyed reading your posting. It’s important to have the perspective of the person that actually does this for a living.

  • The22ndG
    September 23, 2015

    Comin’ from where I’ve been this particular post deserves viral exposure. The way the Writer brought it to a close; “Bam”. Drop it while those who’ve read nod in unison. Oh yes, I like this.

  • Scarlet James
    October 31, 2015

    Great Story.
    I am from Northern California and I will say our Provider Blacklists are a big part of why a lot of Online Providers refuse to see Black Men.
    I Myself would simply ask and screen with a reference when I first started in 2004 on A popular site , that is no longer with us.
    As long as they had a trusted reference and were polite. I was happy to see them. I always ask your age, ethnicity ,occupation ,where you are from and if they had a different area code I would ask visiting and for Business or personal, just so I know who is coming to my door.
    I have been in this business in all the various ways except Brothels since 1987 and I remember the No Black Men rule , early on from another provider. Being a Pimp was her reason for this.
    I have never heard the “size” for a reason. I can vouch that is not necessarily true , in all cases.
    But in our Blacklists there is all types of Rapists, stalkers, abusers, Robs etc.. But ; unfortunately there are a lot of horror stories about African American Males. I personally have never had a bad experience in any of my sessions. Knock on wood. But, I had my very BestFriend story that was horrifying She was Raped, Robbed & Strangled almost to death for several hours by a Black Man , he was a serial Rapist , possibly Murderer.If he hasn’t killed yet, FBI said he would have been very soon. Ofcourse This affected my world tremendously . She No longer does Sex work but before she retired , she refused to see Black Men. Even Ones she already knew and trusted.PTSD. I realize he is a sick human and it is not his Race but I understand why Providers are hesitant.
    I myself have two Of my atf’s Guys that happen to be African American Gents. One is a Guy’s (i know this sounds terrible )that over the phone, you would never guess is a Black Gentlemen, he sounds like a Caucasian Male.
    Our first convo was a long list of references and then he asked if him being African American was an issue. I said No, I am so happy I did. He is a wonderful Man and Before he Called Me Apparently he had set up an appointment with another provider that was a 5 star and when he arrived at her door She opened the door said “I don’t see Black guys ” and slammed the door in his face! I was shocked by his story. How Rude! I understand if she has her rules , it wasn’t really the Message she had but the deliverance of the message that was not a 5star attitude ,lol. I myself was New and was building my 5 star reputation and ratings. I was next on his list and I was happy to oblige.
    As Far as Cheapskates ! I will say All Races can be offensive with that one. Lol, I would say the Mexican Men in my opinion are the worst. Not Mexican-Americans but the actual Mexico Mexicans. I am Irish and Mexican so I am not by any means being racist. I do not advertise Latina because I am a Bad Chicana and do not speak Spanish. I have never had a Black Guy low Ball me.
    As Far as I see it. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Look at Ted Bundy. His Stats , occupation and from what I understand his charm would have him looking like an ideal Client too most Providers amongst a lot of other serial killers ; Rapists.


    • Modern Mandingo
      November 2, 2015


      Thank you for the response and for sharing those experiences. I really appreciate you taking the time to give your perspective from the point of view of someone in the business. I also learned a lot from your description of the Provider Blacklist and the types of individuals who are denied service.

      Avoidance of pimps seems to be the consistent reason for excluding all Black men, since the majority of pimps are Black. Even though there are Black men who are educated professionals and seek to harm no one, it’s easier to exclude an entire race because of a few bad people in it. But there are bad apples in every group and I know that if a woman has a bad experience with a White guy, she wouldn’t exclude all White men since they’re the majority of their providers (and the majority of society).

      People of color are always the easiest to disregard because they compromise the smaller groups of society (and the worst stereotypes that some unfortunately strengthen with their actions).

      It’s horrible what happened to your friend and understandable that her PTSD forced her to make a decision against Black men, even though she already had Black clients that she trusted. It also brings to light that decent Black men are always on the edge of being outcast if the provider is open-minded but has a bad experience — once again, something that White guys wouldn’t be punished for if there was an bad encounter with a White guy. That individual would be put on the Provider Blacklist, not the entire race.

      Like you said, a profile of Ted Bundy would read like every provider’s ideal client. Highlighting issues in the sex worker industry also reflects how things are in many social environments outside of it. People are shallow and take the easiest route of judgment, especially when it comes to business and money.

  • PBT
    November 21, 2015

    The fact that you think you are “decent” yet you are going around paying women for sex is the most ironic statement I’ve read in a long time.

    • SoccrrMomByDay
      January 9, 2016

      There’s the stigma.
      You would be very surprised with who comes to see me and pay for my services.
      Not the stereo typical “johns ” that society has depicted of sloppy, fat, old and ugly. I see Men from all walks of life. I myself am someone you would pass in the grocery store and never guess I was a Sex Worker.
      I pay my rent like everyone else. I worked for a major corporation before lay offs. I have been Married . I care for my Dad with Alzheimer’s and I’m not a drug addict or trafficked like society has tried to tell you. My clients are your co workers, Brothers, Uncles, Neighbors and even a few Judges, Doctors and Celebrities .
      Why is something I can give away illegal to Sale? Was the first commodity and will be the last.
      Not all Clients are Bad people & perverts . Yes, a lot of very “Decent” Men too.
      Next time you see a typical Man just know if he hasn’t paid for it , he probably thought about it. Decency has nothing to do with this. I was not a promiscuous girl growing up , I was raised by a southern Belle , with both parents in the home and no daddy issues. I guarantee you would be surprised at the “Decent” Gentleman who have paid for my services.

  • Srry No Black Men
    January 8, 2016

    Black men will find a way to blame this on black women, like they do everything else. Black man, you demand respect from everyone else but you never give any, and “blackballing” you got here is obviously a result of that behavior. Black man does not know how to treat anybody with any type of respect.It’s not just Escorts who are saying “No Blk Men”, it’s regular, educated Black women too, in your own race. These escorts running from black men has only helped to validate that black men are really his own problem.

    • Big Boy
      May 14, 2016

      You black women shouldn’t talk about respect. LOUD MOUTHED AND AUGUMENTIVE ..

    • BigBoy
      November 7, 2016

      Don’t worry the US government will shut you racist down.

  • Morena
    January 12, 2016

    Well….I certainly understand the ‘rule’ many have in place now! Just had one who was pathetic enough to leave 20-something dollars after being told the price(my fault for not counting–I usually always do) and I realized right after he left. Blk guys are always trying to get a deal and low ball you. Want something for nothing. Not all but a lot. Smh

    • Big Boy
      May 14, 2016

      Just like all whites are racist.

  • Mr Sensual
    January 27, 2016

    Yet here I am, a mature, kind, respectful black man with no intent of pimping, hurting or even so much as offending any woman who would grace me with her time. Even in all that, I still get thrown into all of this stereotyping, racial profiling and blind biased exclusions. I have never short changed or haggled with an escort and have no desire to. I know it’s a business, I respect escorts as business women and simply look to have a pleasurable and hopefully mutually satisfying experience with them. I’m not abusive, aggressive or even rude and I have a very long fuse before getting angry. I understand the fear and I respect the choice that each of these women has made even though I don’t agree with it. I honestly believe that they are missing out on wonderful people and experiences just for the sake of weeding out the bad apples of one race. If this is the case then should there even be a sex industry? There are rapist, thieves, murderers, pimps and all kinds of people from every race known to man. To exclude an entire race (to me) is simply ridiculous. Put the shoe on the other foot. How many escorts are out there with fake pics up? The bait and switch tactic is very active and strong. The man (of any race or creed) finds a woman that he feels is a physical match for him and when he arrives, she is not the woman in the picture or the picture is several years old. The man chooses to stay because it took several hours to 1: Narrow the choices 2: order and contact 3: accept that most don’t answer/respond 4: further narrow the choices 5: finally get in contact with someone 6: and finally set it up. By the time he gets there, he has no desire to start the process over from scratch or wait for a few hours for the BP ads to refresh with new options. So instead of walking away after this investment, he settles. Not that it’s ever going to happen but should men swear off escorts entirely because many of them are liars and cheats? Are we not risking our lives and legal freedoms to make this engagement happen just as they are? Don’t get me wrong, I know that it is much worse for these women and I don’t pretend to compare our level of danger; I just mean to say that it’s a shame that things have come to this and it really is frustrating. Being a civilized, educated and selective black man, I am typically denied by 9/10 women that I’m interested in because of this. I appreciate and adore the women of this profession because what they do is literally on another level. I just wish I had more opportunity to take part and contribute to the business along with many other like-minded black males sitting on the sidelines.

    • SoccrrMomByDay
      January 29, 2016

      I will suggest staging away from BP especially if your trying to avoid “bait n switch ” but I know that’s not your point.
      I am not sure which area you are in but i am apart of a “community ” or several forum type of sites since “MyRedBook ” went down in my area .
      I have two of my atf’s which happen to be African American “Hobbyists .
      Now, they both get the occasional provider that refuses to see them but the majority of us Providers know there reputations as respectful, educated Gentleman.
      So my only advice as a provider who has been in this business and am very aware of the stereotypes is to start seeing well established Providers , reviewing them, Be active in forums, go to mixers or parties if they have them.
      I will say that the atf” s I’m talking about are very active in the community and adored by Providers and trusted by the other Hobbyist.

      • Mr. Sensual
        January 30, 2016

        Thanks for the reply SoccrrMom. In the area that I am in, bp is pretty much the go to. Everything else is either openly fake or requires a subscription. I too was disappointed when Red Book went down. That is what pushed me almost entirely to bp. I am also pretty active in reviews online and on a few occasions, I let the provider know that I reviewed them. However, given my situation, I cannot attend mixers and parties and what not. Frequently (today even) I reach out to these providers that exclude black men from their services, and I ask them if there is any way they would make an exception. Either no response or just plain ‘no’. Beyond that, many of the other women there are just not my type. I do have an ATF but one thing I love about the business is the different personalities, experiences, talents and things of that nature.

    • Kiki Shephard
      April 16, 2017

      Whenever you contact a provider, openly give her all of your information so that she can easily screen you. And whenever you conclude a visit with a provider, kindly ask her to give you a positive review. Set up the necessary online accounts and always go by the same name online. Providers who see that you may be a man of color but have numerous favorable reviews will be more apt to make an exception for you. And tip VERY well. In this industry, money and SAFETY always talk. 😉

      • Prince3030
        May 7, 2017

        I’m a clean cut black man. I’ve been turned down do much that I’m turned off by sex workers. Even by the ghetto street walkers. I just watch a little porn and call it a night.

        • SuperT
          July 27, 2017

          Same here. I got turned down. Fuck it im just sticking to porn

  • Big Boy
    May 14, 2016

    Just leave white and wannabe white Latino,Asian and Black escorts alone because they’re all racist anyway.
    Maybe they will get lucky and meet a decent white boy.

  • Gee Jay
    September 5, 2016

    If a hooker advertises with racial preferences indicated in her ad she has told you a few things about herself.

    #1 She is racist – If a hooker mentions in her ad that she won’t see black men she is a racist. Period. She is indicating a racial bias- which is the definition of racism. So, please stop being an apologist for racism. Yes, it is a racist act to exclude people based on race.

    #2 She is lousy at business- Let’s say black men are 10% of the population in the area. A hooker who refuses black male customers based on race is excluding 10% of her potential clients. In an area with a larger black population it is worse- she could be excluding as much as 1/4 to 1/3 of her potential client base. You’d have to be crazy or stupid to do this if you are serious about business.

    Especially when you consider that a hooker should be screening her new clients carefully regardless of race. When your life hangs in the balance you don’t “play the percentages”. Every single new client could be a cop, a rapist, or even a serial killer. Let’s retire this nonsense that racial preference has anything to do with security. Security has to do with security. This is about racism.

    #3 She is low end- barely above streetwalker status- Let’s be honest- this is typical of low end hookers. Realistically, only a woman with absolutely no class would place a racist ad. Two, high end escorts don’t do this. They don’t need to. They screen their clients based on ability to pay. I guess if she is charging $120 an hour she should be concerned about the class of clientele she is going to attract more than the race. Those are Walmart prices. So, she attracts Walmart clientele. I guess she is Walmart quality- so that is appropriate. At $500+ an hour the issue is that if you can afford it you probably know how to behave.

    • Mr. Sensual
      September 16, 2016

      I agree with a great deal of your post. Business is business, preference is preference and security is security. None of them should be confused with one another. Racial preference/bias does say a great deal about the provider and yes, it is generally not a savvy business decision. At the same time, if they all raised there prices from say 120 to 500+ and started vetting their clients thoroughly, their business would drop significantly and immediately. Most providers (to my limited knowledge) could not afford to do that. To make matters worse, I’ve seen plenty of high end providers that won’t see black men either. I was told by one such provider that I needed to have references from at least 2 other well known/established providers in the area before she’d even consider meeting. She said that was her security. As it would happen, there were ONLY 2 other providers meeting said criteria in the area. For whatever reason, I could never get a hold of either of them. All that to say, I don’t believe it’s the price that makes the difference. One or two bad experiences should not create a new standard and I think that is exactly what’s happening. These providers have 1-2 negative experiences and swear off black men all together. Or even worse, they hear about a few bad experiences and refuse to see them. smh, either way, it sucks for really men like myself.

  • priceless21
    October 24, 2016

    Very good article on a taboo subject. I have a few friends who used to be sex workers, most are black women who chose the profession to make a bit of extra money, as a black man I asked them this very question and what they told me was very similar to what you have expressed in your article, they said they didn’t always want to have sex with black men because some of the men didn’t want to pay and were always trying to haggle the price down, they said these were mostly West African men, whilst others said because black men were well endowed and had sexual prowess, meaning it wouldn’t be easy money, what one of them told me is, they were doing it as a job and didn’t want to fall in love that’s why they prefered white men to have sex with especially fat old white men, who wouldn’t last long and weren’t well endowed,because when a fit young black man came along, who knew how to have sex, it was very hard not to feel something and also sex could be very exhaustive and hard for the woman especially if the client wasn’t the last customer.

    • Mr. Sensual
      October 27, 2016

      Great comment priceless21. That is something that I was reluctant to talk about due to the stereotype that all black men are well endowed and can go for hours. I definitely understand how taxing such an experience can be on the body. Additionally, I understand how that can turn into an emotionally charged situation based on the quality of said experience. However, I’m not sure this is the majority issue for providers refusing ‘AA’ service. I asked a provider (a few actually) and the responses that I received were more racially motivated in my opinion. One such response was that many black men are either pimps or desire to be pimps. I was also told that many black men are rude, hagglers, don’t pay and have bad hygiene. I actually had an experience with one provider that contributed to her “reasons for not seeing black men”. Very early into our date, she tells me that she was recently in a car accident and was unable to perform most deeds. After some negotiation and my lack of desire to hurt or injure her further, I decide its for the best if I leave. It had only been about 5-10 minutes and literally nothing had happened in that time. She was unwilling to part with the donation or even any part of it, she was unable to do anything to make the date mutually enjoyable and somehow, this was all my fault. I have accepted that it was poor form on my part to ask for the donation back. At the same time, no service was provided at all. Not even good company, lol. All that to say, some of these providers just use anything as an excuse to avoid seeing black men. It is their choice and their prerogative and there is nothing that any of us can do about it. In the rare moments that I am able to hang out with a provider and the even scarcer ones when I can spend time with those that don’t like/see black men, I try to make the experience as easy, comfortable and pleasant as possible. This way, they don’t mind seeing me and will tell their associates that I’m ok. I think that if a large enough group of us continue pursuing and dealing with these providers in this manner, it will eventually make a difference.

    • Dak Bemand
      June 20, 2017

      What a load of racist BS. The assumption that all young black men are hung and can last forever is BS. What happens when a “fat, old” white man is hung like a horse and performs like one? It happens FAR more often than you think. The whole issue of providers refusing black men is a cultural thing. Young black men raised in a gangsta culture that belittles women and demands respect while giving none in return results in providers being treated as “bitches and hos” and results in decent black men getting screwed because of the bad behavior of the thugs.

  • MrSensual
    November 18, 2016

    I don’t know what to say anymore. I just took a look at the BP ads both in my city and in another city near by. In total, there were about 15 women that would have gotten a call from me (if I were so inclined at the time). Of all of these women, only one of them was willing to see black men. Every other ad stated very clearly no AA. You know, I really can’t stand the individuals that created this scenario for our race. It really is a shame that dealing with polite, respectful and sensible men of color has become such a rarity for this profession. It seems like at the rate things are going now, no one is going to see black men. Every one of us decent black men is looked down upon because of the misguided deeds of the utter idiots that came before us. I was in contact with a young woman a few days ago and we were just about to set things up when she asked “what’s your race hun”. I knew that as soon as I told her, that would be the end of the conversation. That’s exactly what happened. I’m tempted to offer double the donation but I can’t get that far because I get stonewalled before I reach out. Does anyone have any legitimate advice on how to fix this? How can we convince the vast majority of these women that not all of us are cheap, rude, violent, selfish, inconsiderate, filthy, unsavory thieves and pathetic morons? I know some of it is just racism and there’s no changing that but that’s not the vast majority in my opinion. Anyone have any ideas? Is it even worth holding out hope for?

    • Big Boy357
      November 18, 2016

      I’ll be glad when racist BP gets shut down by the vice cops or the government.

  • Demala
    December 5, 2016

    I seldom deal with sex providers. However, when I do, I see the whole thing as fantasy. The sex provider is just providing fantasy. Anyone who has ever dealt with street life knows that very little of what you encouner on the street is real. To a hooker money is everything. They don’t see people as being real but do see money as real. A prositute could not care less about you as a human being, all they feel for is money. They don’t even love their boyfriends. They just have them around for convience.
    The people that these girls claim to be afaid of are professional street people who have likely done time and can do nothing else but pray on people. A pimp is the lowest form of human life to me. I don’t see why someone would want to meet a hooker and then try to make a living off of her back unless he is a loser.
    As far as black being cheap is concerned. I don’t see the angle because time and money to play is clearly stated. As with anything when you pay their are some people that are good and some that aren’t.
    Providers that advertise no blacks allowed are the low class trash type that you would not want to be with anyway. For everyone that pratices racism there are ten better then her that dont.
    I have been discriminated against by providers on several occasions because of my color. I saw it as there stupidity because every black person discriminated against was a financial opportunity lost.
    As far as dress and personal hygiene is concerned blacks are known for dressing and looking clean. Unless a guy is crazy or married and just coming from work and dosen’t want his wife to see him washing up and going out I don’t buy it.
    Why not just just call it what it is. Its a lot of racist bytches trying to make their low selves look superior. I would never lower myself by trying to appeal to a trash bytch who is telling me that I am not worthy of her because of my color or that I am less than someone else.

    • MrSensual
      December 6, 2016

      Wow Demala, that’s a hell of a post. You know, you really opened my eyes to a few things in what you wrote here. As with everything, there are things that I agree with and things that I don’t. Like, I believe in the fantasy and the real threat or fear that they have of street pros. That makes too much sense. Also, I agree that money is the only thing that really motivates them. I don’t feel that they are completely cold and wtf about everything else though. They are still people and they still have to deal all the same crap that we have to and more sometimes. Being a little calloused in that life style makes sense. I think they do care about us as people because in the end, we are their business and if the clients aren’t happy, their business is not successful. I agree that pimps are pretty much scum as are the street pros that prey on women like them. You have to be a pretty terrible person to really try and take advantage of a sex worker. SMH, stupid mutha….. lol. As much as I am tired of being discriminated against because of the actions of some other black people (I won’t even call them men), You definitely enlightened me to the reality that they are full of it. 1: Aside from a small sum of the Africans I’ve met, black men are generally very clean, well dressed and smelling good. 2: I know some of us are cheap and some of us are just buttholes but I find it hard to believe that a great deal of black men are shirking payment. I mean so many more black men than any other race that we have gotten a bad name for it? Really? So all in all, I don’t buy it either. Forgive me if it seems I am changing my tune in this forum but you made a very good point that I think all of us know and for whatever reason, just refused to accept/admit. Call a spade a spade and be done with it. Even if it means I can’t get any love in this entire city, anti black providers are simply racist and not worth the time and effort. They miss good opportunities with good people and decrease their own income potential for what? To avoid a potentially negative outcome? An outcome that can come from any race in the world? Yea, ok. Thanks for that Demala. That’s exactly what I needed to hear. Reassurance that I am worth more than whatever stock a racist provider refuses to put in me. smh.

  • Courtesana
    December 14, 2016

    I do a little escort work on the side. I pay taxes, have health insurance, a regular job, and no addictions. I am independent. My area is mostly white and the black me here are ghetto/thughish. For me it’s all about money and the experience. Many hispanic guys in my city work construction, so they have extra money for fun. Asian men are students or professionals with income. Many (but not all) black men in my area also have baby mamas and kids they support, which leaves little disposable income if any. I want clients who respect me and have my donation ready. It’s not always about size or racism.

    • Big Bot
      December 14, 2016

      If other races did the same things to you would you stop seeing them,hell no.You said every race is better than black men, so just leave us blacks alone and stay with your own kind.

    • Mr. Sensual
      December 20, 2016

      In my opinion, that’s exactly what it’s about. You assume much of people you don’t know. You just classified (in so many words) the majority of the black male population in your area based on what… some of them dress and talk? If you don’t want to see thugs, I understand. That makes sense but to assume an entire groups financial standing based on a personal perception with no fact behind it, and then refuse to cater to said group based on that very same perception, how is that not racism? Do you believe that Hispanic men, Asian men and Caucasian men don’t have drama because of their color or profession? Do you believe they have more disposable income because of how they dress and where they work? They are still people. They are just as messed up as anybody else. If I was to put on a suit when I came to see you, would that mean I had money? If I wore some baggy jeans and a tank top, does that mean I don’t? Come on now. It is just racism. Classify it softly in saying it’s whatever you want but in truth, at its core, its racism. Unless your working IN the hood where there is almost nothing but low income black families, then there is no reason at all to legitimately exclude your services to any individual race other than personal preference. Maybe it’s more in line with bigotry or xenophobia rather than racism, I don’t know. It’s all basically the same thing anyway. Seemingly the black men in your area are not good enough for you. Thanks for sharing, seriously, not insulting or sarcastic or anything else; legitimately thank you for sharing.

      • W
        November 20, 2017

        Sex is not equal opportunity. A woman has the right to reject anyone for any reason she wants.

  • SuperT
    July 27, 2017

    I just got turned down. I have absolutely no desire of robbing or treating any of the women bad at all. I can’t even fathom in my mind of raping someone or anything. Thug culture? GTFOH are you serious? So it’s just thug culture? Hmmmm show me how many black men are creating nuclear bombs? How many black men started 2 World Wars? How many Black men are going around d the world continually colonizing folks? How many Black men are gun manufacturers? Or even own a goddamn gun company. Psssh pleaded. I’m tired of the excuses.
    I’ll just stick to porn. Your own women will piss on you just to see some white politician who pays well and he’s the one possibly supporting the law , but behind the scenes breaking it. lol I’m done. Good post Mandingo. …Good post. Shout out to All the open minded Females who are in this line of business. You are few and far between.

    • Carlee V
      December 19, 2017

      You really need us providers to explain this to you? I am sorry AA’s but you know even better than the rest of us what your neighborhoods are like, so why do we have to pretend? You know, and are often open about how dog eat dog and rough this culture is. The bullying, the aggression? Just because you go out of your way not to air “your dirty laundry” around other races does not mean we don’t know it. We have to make “excuses” because of the absurd unspoken social rules that say we are supposed to say everything but the truth to avoid offending people.

      The fact is simply that yes, black culture has produced a far higher number of outright DANGEROUS people than other US cultures. The crime statistics across the board bare this out. This is not to say other races don’t have dangerous elements, obviously we all know this is not the case. What is the case is that there are simply MORE dangerous elements found within US black communities, due to many cultural factors. You can argue the reasons for this until the cows come home, but anyone who has lived in or near these areas can give you plenty of their own personal evidence to add to the abundant statistical evidence of this.

      Escorts, as it happens, either do live, or have lived in areas with large black populations. We, more than most, KNOW that more aggression and violence in the black community. We also KNOW from experience and word of mouth, that we are simply at a higher risk of danger when we see black clients. Quicker to anger, quicker to violence, and less wary of consequences. Again, just about every known criminal statistic also backs this up.

      You can deny this, dismiss it as racism, spin it as being about sexual prowess, blame it on escort idiocy, or whatever you like, but as you can clearly see, this is a very-widely agreed upon view. Also, you should ask yourself, if this was simply racism, would it not include other traditionally discriminated against races, like Latinos, far more often than it does? If it was racism, would such a large portion of black providers do the exact same thing?

      I get it, it’s hard to look inward and much easier to lash out, but that is the exact kind of impulse that directly led to this state of things to begin with. I feel for the kind, respectful and polite African Americans who do not fit this cultural image, and do not deserve to be lumped in, but they are an unfortunate casualty in the necessary steps to decease risk.

  • Stacy Nalgona (@LOVEnLoveliness)
    August 30, 2017

    Hi there,

    This article was mentioned to me and I thought I would leave a comment. I have a slightly different take on this subject: as a escort I only see black men.
    I have many reasons I will not go into here but I have found to get the most enjoyment out of my work by seeing only black men. Overall I have seen little to no problems and if anything I am in more demand because of it!
    And about your reasons other girls don’t go AA, I got some thoughts:
    * I have found other races and ethnicities to be cheap and haggle and all that. Most black men are not about that with me, either they pay or they don’t.
    * The size, performance and stamina thing is pretty true but not always. It is a concern for some girls and while I get it, I think its stupid, not every black guy is huge and/or going to be all energizer bunny. At same time little ‘short’ experiences are very rare.
    *Disrespectful men do not make it to my door, so I have no problem there, but guess what, I am still in business!
    *Any experienced girl will spot a pimp miles away, so this is BS. They are in the disrespectful category.
    *And as for enjoyment, I would have left the business long ago if I did not enjoy it. One way I really enjoy it is working with black men and their fantasies. It’s fun! And honestly it’s rewarding!
    I don’t think of myself as outright discriminating, its more for me a very specific niche I have developed and enjoy.

  • Big Mac
    October 27, 2017

    I think the size & stamina is mostly the real reason escorts don’t see BLACK MENS.I know went I used to proposition strippers for sex. after we agree on a price let said 150 for an hour in the VIP . See I know She thinking we will be finish in 30 or lest then move on to the next guy. Hell no I want my whole hour for the 150, So I tend to drag these girls for hours they don’t like that. They say Black Men are cheap no we don’t like getting cheated! I had the same experience in Asian massage parlors Asian women calling me superman because I wouldn’t ejaculate fast enough no I’m going to get my hour as promise. Hey non Black Females escorts, we Black Alpha Males aren’t changing so you can treat us like all day suckers like you do other race of Men. Sorry for the misspelling on the first post .

  • doo_oo
    December 18, 2017

    I am mixed race but by American racist definition I am black and dated a former escort. I actually met her while she was escorting and she liked me so much she quit to date me. Here’s the reasons she told me black men get rejected:

    1) Black men in general tend to have bigger penises and want to have vigorous intercourse the whole hour. Even the nice guys. This will make it difficult for the escorts to work more and not perform well for the next client. They may not even be able to work because of the long session of pounding prior. So they often need longer breaks to recuperate.

    2) Black men do tend to haggle but that’s because they believe they also have something to offer the escort sexually. Many don’t care or think about the fact that the escort has other clients and it’s just a job to her.

    I am actually mulatto (half black) so I was able to be accepted with SOME agencies. Not all. The escorts I have seen have all been from agencies that have eastern european talent and they strictly do not allow black men for the aforementioned reasons. I only got in because I have Russian descent. I am extremely well endowed and many of the escorts liked it because I didn’t just go in and “destroy” and care about the escorts I have seen. However some sessions were lackluster because when the women saw my “package”, they had the stereotype in their heads that I was going to “wear them out” to a point where they could not perform for other clients. So they held back.

    December 20, 2017

    I will be glad when the government shuts down these racist whore sites. Turn the racist scum into the police.

  • Ophelia
    February 7, 2018

    I’m reading this article and there are so many problems I don’t even know where to begin. I will start by saying I am a black cis-woman and a sex worker. This definitely informs my beliefs and experiences, but I will be as objective as possible.

    First, in the article it is said that our bodies are a product. I’d like to clear up that misinterpretation of the work sex workers do. Like any other form of paid physical labour our bodies are not being sold or traded. We use our bodies to perform a service. Seeing us as a product maintains this idea that we are for sale. We are not, our services are.

    Second, in the article you mention all the various reasons a provider may choose to discriminate against black men. Every single one of those reasons left a bad taste in my mouth. I can’t speak to the pimp comment, I’ve never worked with, nor met a pimp. (But the comment still seemed very prejudiced and biased.) But everything else you’ve mentioned are, in my opinion, more likely to happen with a white man. To clarify, white men make up the largest percentage of clientele for many workers, if not almost all of us. Based on this fact alone, you are more likely to experience assault and theft from a white man. But no one discriminated against white men, and there is a reason for that.

    When a person of colour does something bad, their whole race bares the responsibility of what happened, and deals with the fallout. This is true for every race, except for white. When a white person does something wrong, it is the indivudal who is the problem not the race. This is what fuels the “non black men” rule. Whether it is PTSD or plain old open racism, racial prejudice cannot be separated from this.

    I am not saying we should be attacking every provider who says this, or force them to accept clients they don’t want to see. I would rather men see someone who appreciate and respect them. But we can encourage people to interrogate why they feel the need to exclude one entire race for the actions of a few, and not another for the same behaviours.

    And again, our bodies are not for sale. Our bodies are not a product. We sell a service.

    *decriminalization is the safest form of legislation for the sex industry, and is support by Amnesty and WHO*

    **Sex workers are significantly more likely than the general population to use safer sex practices and undergo regular STI screening. Think about that next time someone calls us dirty and then fucks a stranger at a bar raw*

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