Backseat Study Break

College.  For many, it’s the new found freedom of being away from home with no curfew, non-stop parties of binge drinking,  drug use, and horny students experimenting in everything they couldn’t do in their hometowns.  A good percentage of students don’t make it past their freshman year because they forgot that college is primarily a place to get an academic education amidst the drunken, sex-fueled chaos.

Olivia was a college girl in her early twenties, Black, proportionately curvy, with a beautiful face and a great smile.  She wasn’t the partying type; she’d always been an overachiever when it came to academics and her focus wasn’t distracted by anything that would hinder her progress.  But the night I met her, she was ready for a pleasurable distraction that was long overdue.

She’d placed an ad on a hookup website stating that she was on a study break and wanted to meet someone willing to jack off and cum on her tits with no intercourse involved.  I replied, and after photo exchanges and emails to get acquainted with one another, I wound up being the one she selected.  We spoke on the phone for a while then she gave me her address and told me she knew of a place we could park and not worry about being caught.

I picked Olivia up from a nice neighborhood about 20 miles from where I lived.  She exited the quaint, suburban house, climbed into the passenger’s seat and greeted me with her beautiful smile.  She wore gray jogging pants and a matching, zipped hoodie with her attending college embroidered on the front in big letters.  As she guided me to the rendezvous point, she told me about all of the weird emails she’d gotten.   Even though her request was naughty, some of the replies she’d received were from weirdos who’d probably have taken advantage of the situation in a way that wouldn’t have turned out well for her.  Olivia made the right choice by picking me and she agreed.

I parked in the middle of a dark road next to a public park.  A streetlight in opposite corner illuminated the section of the park closest to the road and spilled a tad of light onto the street, but once I turned off my headlights it was almost pitch black.  My SUV was black and had tinted windows so I assumed we were invisible.  Olivia and I sat for a moment and joked about how we’d have to imagine the whole experience since we couldn’t see, but our eyes eventually adjusted to the darkness.  The faint glow of streetlight became our source lighting as we climbed into the backseat and began our naughty adventure.

Olivia unzipped her hoodie and revealed her voluptuous, chocolate breasts.  They were perfect, round, and sat on her chest the way a pair of 20-something year old breasts should before gravity intervenes.  She pressed them together and I got rock hard.  I took out my pole and began to stroke it as I watched her fondle them.

“Your dick is so big… it’s making me wet watching you do that,” she said.

“Let me feel how wet you are.”

I reached inside of her sweats and felt her thick, wet pussy.  Her clit grew larger as I rubbed it and her moans became heavier.  I wanted to be inside of her, but respected her rules and didn’t want to force the issue.  I removed my soaked finger, she took a deep breath, and said:

“I want your dick inside of me so bad, but I don’t want the first time we do it to be in a car.”

I agreed because I wanted the freedom of handling those curves in multiple positions without the constraints of a car roof and the distance between the front and rear seats blocking our way.  Plus, being inside of a bedroom without the concern of law enforcement catching us in the act was a lot more comforting.

Hungry for her breasts in my mouth, I leaned forward gently sucked one of them.  It was so damn soft; my tongue slowly danced around the nipple as I fed on it.  I gave the same attention to the other breast and continued back and forth between them as I stroked myself.

After my hunger was filled, I leaned back and Olivia caressed my cock between her tits.  They were softer and smoother against my dick than they were against my lips.  She clasped her nipples together and caught the pre-cum seeping down my shaft.  I was leaking so much that it flowed past her nipples and through her fingers.

“Wow, that’s a lot,” she giggled.

I felt myself about to cum.

“Let me give you some more,” I said as I shifted my body to kneel above her.

Olivia propped herself against the door and squeezed her tits together.  I aimed my cock directly at them.

“Cum all over them,” she moaned as she looked up at me.

“Here it comes baby…”

She turned her head and squinted as I shot a massive load across her tits and over her neck.  As the last projectile slithered towards her stomach, she opened her eyes and gawked at the amount of the nectar I’d given her.  I was even amazed at how much I’d ejaculated.


“Oh my God, that’s perfect,” she said.

I reached in the rear pocket of the driver’s seat and offered a towel I’d brought for her, but she refused and zipped up her hoodie.

“I wanna wear this,” she said, rubbing her hands over her covered chest.  “It’s so warm.  It’ll help me stay awake.”

I drove Olivia back home where she bid me good night and thanked me for a great time.

When I got back to my place, I sent Olivia a text and asked if she’d cleaned up and changed clothes.  She told me that she hadn’t and didn’t want to; her plans were to masturbate, finish studying, and go to sleep in the clothes she wore.

I talked to Olivia a few days later and she told me that she got an A on her exam.  I congratulated her and joked that she may need to acquire my services before every big test.

She didn’t disagree.  After all, this new method was proven to enhance the possibility of academic success…




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