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Meeting Ms. Chokes

I’ve only had a few perfect blowjobs in my life, and this was one of them.  Hell, this may have been the only one.

Ms. Chokes was a master in the art of fellatio and took pride in her divine abilities.

I use the word divine because it was normal to have a Zen moment and become one with the universe when her warm, wet mouth and succulent lips stroked my rod in ways that would make me go numb with pleasure and force myself not to climax once I came back down to earth.

Chokes had no shame in slurping, grunting, and gagging while she soaked my cock with drool and took in every inch until she reached the base.  Many women have tapped out from just taking in half of me, but she enjoyed the challenge of jousting my meat beyond her tonsils and yielding to the suffocation.

My fingers threaded through her hair as I held the back of her head and forced my dick to remain lodged down her throat.  Her black, stiletto nails dug into my thighs as her cheeks ballooned and tears poured from the corners of her squinted eyes.  The lack of oxygen became overwhelming as her nails pierced my skin harder; she tried to push herself away from my grasp but I continued to hold her in place.

At the peak of her asphyxiation, I slid my dick from her mouth and gave her the freedom to gasp and heave a waterfall of saliva that poured down her chin and between her perky breasts.

“Fuck,” she coughed.

Her big brown eyes looked up at me through veils of tears as her soft and tiny hands caressed my pole over the coat of slobber.  She stroked it in gentle pulling motions, one behind the other, all the way over the hump of my swollen head then started again at the base.  She nurtured it in a way as to admire, but also to keep it erect, which was never a problem in her presence.

Chokes was confident in her natural, sexual prowess and knew that anyone who was fortunate to experience her methods would be at the mercy of overwhelming pleasure she could provide.

I was willing to be at her mercy, but also wanted to return the satisfaction

and was ready to give it my all to make it so.

Chokes and I met online and conversed through emails until we were both comfortable exchanging phone numbers.  The flirting was heavy between us – she admired the photo of my cock I’d sent by her request, and I admired the beautiful woman with alluring eyes and the delicious lips that wanted to be wrapped around it.

My craving intensified when she sent me an impromptu upper-body selfie lying in bed, her breasts being hugged by a white tank top and her dark nipples bulging beneath the fabric.  The seductive looks in her eyes and her parted lips made my cock and expand into readiness as I sat on my living room couch.

I want you tonight, I texted.

Lol, she texted back.  I can’t tonight.  This weekend for sure.

I wasn’t confident that she’d follow through, being that she’d mentioned having never used an online platform to meet someone for sex.  Why would she?  With her looks and sex appeal she could easily find suitable prospects in the real world with no effort.  However, she informed me that she wanted to broaden her horizons and take a new approach to meeting someone, so I was lucky enough to cross her online path and be chosen.

Chokes texted me that Sunday evening and let me know when she’d be available.  We agreed on a time and she invited me over to her apartment that was only a few blocks from where I lived.  The building was a newer, multi-leveled complex that seemed to be occupied by younger, working professionals; at least that’s the majority of people I saw entering and exiting the lobby and passing by on the balcony floors.

I knocked on the door of Chokes’ apartment that was in the middle of one of the higher floors overlooking the center court.  The door opened enough for me to walk into the spacious and swanky dwelling that was void of furniture and decoration.  She’d mentioned that she was in the process of moving due to losing her job, and was transitioning from living on her own to having a roommate.

I turned and looked at the alluring, petite vixen that was Ms. Chokes – her curvature perfectly sculpted by nature in all the right places and couldn’t be disguised by the trendy top and jogging pants she wore.

Ms. Chokes locked the door behind us, turned towards me, and made the quick open-palm gesture a person makes when they don’t know what to do next.  But her shy smile overshadowed her sex appeal for a moment and showcased her gentle demeanor.

“Hi,” she giggled.

“Hi.  Thanks for inviting me over.”

“I’ve never done this before so I’m a little nervous.”

I held up my hands in a surrendering motion as she stepped away from the door.

“There’s no need to be nervous,” I laughed.  “All I have are car keys and condoms.”

I took the mentioned items from my jacket and held them out to her.  Chokes laughed.

“I know you’re cool.  This is just different for me.”

“I understand.”

I asked if I should slip off my shoes since she was wearing socks and the carpet was new.  She told me that I didn’t have to but that I should make myself at home, though her home was empty, which we joked about.

After a few minutes of discussion to ease the nervousness and get more comfortable, we walked into her bedroom.  It was the only room that contained furniture – a bed, a small flat screen TV on the dresser, and a few boxes that were packed with items ready to be sealed.

I stood in front of Chokes as she sat on the side of the bed and unzipped my jeans.  I helped her along by unbuttoning them and loosening my belt.  After pulling down my underwear, my cock sprung in front of her face like a dark javelin.  Her head recoiled and her eyes widened in awe.

“Wow,” she said, surprised.

“Think you can work with that?”

I was being a bit smug for my own amusement and hers.  Chokes leaned forward and grabbed my dick, her fascination had morphed into readiness.

“Let’s find out.”

Chokes opened wide and divinity ensued.

As great as Chokes’ mouth was, fucking her was just as amazing.

After putting on a condom, I eased my cock inside of her wet and meaty pussy and stroked it deep in missionary position.  Chokes moaned and screamed with every thrust; she wasn’t shy about yelling and expressing her elation and would cum every few minutes.  Her breathing would intensify, her nails would puncture my back, and her thighs would tighten as she’d roar with her climaxes.

I wanted to impress her because she turned me on so much and I wanted to be memorable in case this was our only rendezvous.  So, I made sure to fuck her in the positions where she’d feel as much of my dick as she could take – on her side, on her stomach, on top of me, legs spread wide while I held her ankles – anything that would make certain my head pounded into her cervix and left my mark, per se.

Chokes took in all of me when she could, and climaxed multiple times in all positions until I finally came a river on her beautiful, brown ass.  Her face collapsed into the pillow as she huffed in exhaustion and ecstasy.  I panted just as much as I rose from the bed.

“Don’t move,” I said.

I trotted to the adjacent bathroom, dampened a facecloth with warm water, and used it to clean the cum.  After that, I blew a few gentle breezes to dry the film of water that remained on her body; a gesture I’d do out of kindness for a partner that lets me cum on them.  But I especially wanted to do it for her, hoping she’d also see the gesture as a sign that I was also a gentleman after sex.

“Thank you,” she muttered.

“No problem.  Mind if I lay for a minute?”

“Of course.”

I collapsed beside her onto the white comforter that was soaked and stained with the sweat and juices from our tryst.  We were completely comfortable with one another at this point, so we talked and joked for a while before I left.

I let Chokes know that I wanted to see her again and she agreed that we would.  Chokes was a woman of her word and we met quite a few times after, and the story became a lot more interesting.

To be continued…

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