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Submitting Suzanne: Part Two

Suzanne tossed a couple of throw pillows aside and lied back.  The hem of her nightie slid away from her knees as she bent them in, and I knelt between her milky thighs.  My tongue gently worked between the folds of her tight crease as her legs trembled against my face.  She gasped and moaned with every move of my tongue and her clit swelled as I circled it.  Once it was large enough to suck on, I drew it between my lips and drove her mad with my consumption of it.

I eased my index finger inside of her and swirled it around her walls. She screamed with every turn of my digit as her tunnel suctioned around it.  I inserted my middle finger to stretch her open more and rubbed her G-spot with both fingertips.  Licking her clit and simultaneously rubbing her G-Spot brought an insanity of convulsions and orgasmic screams that left her breathless after the climax.

I rose from Suzanne’s quivering legs and saw her panting; her eyes were closed, head titled back, and her hair was in a frazzled mess of blonde cords dangling over the back of the couch.  I gave her a passionate kiss as my lips and tongue offered the remainder of her juices I’d indulged.

“You taste good don’t you?” I asked.

“Mm hmm…

“Are you ready for me to be inside of you?”

Her eyes remained closed as she nodded.

“Let’s go to the bed.”

I offered my hand to help her up and led her to the bed underneath the flowing, white curtains of an open window that welcomed the ocean breeze passing through.

Suzanne removed her robe and lied on her back in the middle of the white comforter.  We continued to kiss as I perched above her, slipped on a condom, and eased the head of my cock into her hole.

“Oh my God Daddy, please… please be gentle,” she whispered.

The stimulation of a woman more than two decades my senior referring to me

as Daddy made me want to own her, please her, and make her crave me.

I was ready to be her Daddy, and for her to be my mature baby girl.

“Daddy’s gonna take good care of you baby,” I whispered back.  “You ready?”

“Yes Daddy.”

A wave crashed outside and a heavy gust of ocean wind bellowed through the window as my cock lunged inside of her.  Suzanne grabbed a fistful of sheets with both hands and screamed in sync with another strong breeze.

Every thrust I gave her brought forth an earsplitting scream.  It was obvious that she’d never had anything like me inside of her before; I could feel the walls of her tight, inexperienced pussy expanding against my cock with every plunge.

Suzanne was mine at that moment, my older baby girl, and I her younger Daddy; I made sure that she felt every bit of my length and girth to confirm that she knew it.

After a good session of intense penetration and unhinged screams, I lied on my back and Suzanne mounted me, putting only a bit of my cock inside of her.  She closed her eyes and moved up and down in a safe and careful manner, hesitant of taking in more than she could handle.

I gripped her meaty ass cheeks and lifted my knees into her back, trapping her in front of my thighs.  As my cock ascended deeper into her pussy, she leaned forward, grabbed my chest, and yelled out to God.

“Easy baby, I’ve got you,” I said.  “Come here.”

Suzanne’s hair tumbled into my face as she lowered her head.  I brushed my fingers between her curls and cupped my hands against the sides of her face.  Our foreheads touched as I moved my waist up and down in a slow rhythm until she was able move on her own.

“Such a good girl.  I knew you could take it.”

“Yes Daddy, I can take it.”

Our lips met again as she bounced up and down with reckless abandon, nearly taking all of me in.  She eventually slowed her pace and was covered in sweat, despite the ocean breeze rushing through.

“I’ve gotta take this off,” she said, raising her arms and removing the nightie.

There was something sexy about the way the sweat trickled down her curves and between her breasts.

She was a natural woman; gravity had taken its toll on some of her body, but I loved it.

She was just the way a woman should be as she ages gracefully.

I put Suzanne on all fours and took a moment to admire her gaping hole that was opened like a blossomed flower from the workout I’d given her.  My cock went in and she lunged forward, but I grabbed her hips and encouraged a gentle pace.

“Tell me that pussy’s mine,” I ordered.

“It’s yours Daddy,” she mumbled, after a few deep breaths.

I grabbed a cluster of her hair, drew back her head and drilled deeper.  Her mouth opened wide, but she didn’t make a sound.

“I can’t hear you.”

It’s yours Daddy!” she roared.  “It’s yours!

“That’s better.”

I released her hair and she collapsed onto her stomach.  My knees maneuvered her thighs open as I gripped her waist again and continued pounding her.  My momentum intensified as my lower abs spanked against her ass cheeks and orchestrated the sound of slow applause.

“You ready for me to cum baby?” I asked.

“Yes Daddy, please cum…”

As I was getting close, she reached back for my condom and tugged at it.

“Take that off and cum in me Daddy.  Please,” she begged, in a pouty voice.  “I want your cum in me.”

I stopped and caught my breath.

“Not yet, baby.  It’s our first time.”

“You’re clean aren’t you?”

“Yeah, but it’s not just about STD’s.”

Suzanne laughed.  Her normal voice returned:

“If you’re worried about me getting pregnant, I’m obviously too old for that.  I had my tubes tied a long time ago anyways.”

I didn’t want to spend time convincing her to let me remain protected, so I rolled her onto her back, put my thumb inside of her mouth, and hooked it behind her bottom row of teeth.  I covered her lips with the rest my hand and pushed my latex-covered rod back inside of her.

“Tell Daddy that you’re sorry for stopping him,” I demanded, uncovering her mouth and releasing my thumb.

“I’m sorry Daddy,” she exhaled.

“I don’t believe you.”

I gave her a deep and hard thrust, smashing the head against the wall of her cervix.  She yelled and squeezed my arms as her thighs constricted against my waist.

“Tell Daddy you’re sorry,” I commanded again, with more authority than before.

I’m so sorry Daddy!  I’m so, so sorry!”

“Good girl.”

Suzanne whimpered as I continued to fucking her; my strokes were gentler and more pleasurable until her apologetic sobs turned into cries of ecstasy.

“Prove to me you’re a good girl,” I breathed in her ear.  “Cum with me.”

“Okay Daddy…”

As my thrusts signaled that climax was near, the grip of her inner thighs tightened and the walls of her pussy became wetter as they contracted around me.  Suzanne let out her loudest roar as I came and exhaled a series of stirring grunts.

We remained still for moment, breathing in heavy harmony, then kissed.

“That was amazing baby,” I said, brushing a sweaty curl away from her cheek.

“Yes it was,” she purred.

I went to the restroom, flushed the condom away in a ball of tissue, then wiped myself clean with a warm cloth and some scented soap that was near the sink.  When I returned and lied beside her, Suzanne quickly rolled over and crawled between my legs, took my semi-limp cock into her mouth and sucked it in a tender and savory manner.

She’d broken my norm of needing at least ten or fifteen minutes to recharge; the feel of her mouth’s warm embrace and suction was enough to summon the necessary chemicals in my body to get me hard and ready to cum again.

I was now the one moaning and gripping the sheets as my muscles tightened and she drained the life from me once more.  I twitched and shuddered from the extreme sensitivity as she milked it dry and swallowed every drop.

Suzanne released me from her mouth as I lied there, huffing like a woman who’d just given birth.   As she held my cock in her hand, she peered at me with a devious grin.

“Was I a good girl, Daddy?”

I finally caught my breath:

“You’re a very good girl baby.”

“Thank you Daddy,” she said, then kissed the head of my cock.

Suzanne was mine in that moment, and I hers, and we trusted each another enough to be vulnerable and experience the unique pleasures we could only do for one another.


  • dorothyfreed
    September 15, 2016

    I love your story. Realize now we’ve communicated before on Twitter. You’re a hot man with hot and well written stories to tell.I am a hot senior woman who admires your writing.

    • Lance Vanguard
      September 15, 2016

      Thank you so much, Dorothy. As a fan of you and your writing, receiving those compliments from you have truly inspired me. Thank you again and I hope you continue reading, because I’ll definitely keep reading yours. 😉

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