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Submitting Suzanne: Part One

The sound of waves crashed along the shoreline as I parked my car on the beachfront neighborhood street. There was something intimidating about hearing the water crashing in the midnight darkness.  I couldn’t see the water from where I was parked, and I kept envisioning a massive tsunami flooding the area and destroying everything in its path, including myself.

My apocalyptic imagination was getting the best of me instead of visualizing the pleasure I was about to indulge with Suzanne, the fifty-something year old real estate investor I was about to meet at her upscale condo.

The breeze coming off the coast was cool, and I remained cool, as I entered the side door of the ocean-blue building.  A beach cruiser was parked in the corner of the bottom unit along with trails of sand scattered along the walkway towards the door.  As I escalated the stairs, surfboards and sandals lined the residences along the second floor balcony.  I was finally able to see the water, and the light from the full moon illuminated the waves that were rolling towards the beach.

I stopped in front of a screen door that didn’t have any items lying around it or trailing streaks of sand.  The main door was open and a strawberry-scented candle burned on a coffee table, faintly illuminating the dark living room.  I tapped against the edge of the door and heard a faint shuffle in the background.

“Oh,” I heard a surprised Suzanne utter, as she made her way towards me from an area I couldn’t see.

Her satin, white robe was open and flailed as she walked, revealing the matching, satin gown underneath.  She held a glass of red wine in one hand and opened the screen door with the other.

“Well hello there,” she grinned.

“Hello to you,” I smiled back.

Suzanne shut the main door behind me as I entered the spacious studio apartment that was sectioned off in a way to make it feel more like a one-bedroom.  There was a big kitchen, dining area, and lots of space between the living area and the bed, which sat against the wall on the opposite side of the room.  She told me that this was her residence during the week to be closer to her office; her permanent residence was in an affluent neighborhood about an hour’s drive away.

We sat on the couch and chatted for a while – I learned that she’d been in commercial real estate for a long time and had done quite well for herself. She’d recently separated from her husband of almost thirty years, who was also the only man she’d ever been with in that time frame.  They had two beautiful daughters who were enrolled at prestigious colleges, and like most couples that wait until the kids leave home before they separate, she’d liberated herself and was ready to start a new chapter in her life.

Suzanne wasn’t sure what the new chapter would entail, but she knew that she was finally free to explore her desires and fantasies that never had a chance to be unleashed in the previous three decades.  A couple of glasses of wine had given her the courage to create a profile on a website and meet someone for a sexual rendezvous, and I was the lucky man she chose that night.

She placed her wine glass on the coffee table and our bodies naturally gravitated towards one another until our lips touched.  Her kiss was soft and I could taste the wine she’d been drinking as our tongues entwined.  My hands squeezed the curves underneath her nightie, and she moaned while I kissed her neck and savored the delicate perfume that graced her skin.

I was so turned on by her, and she felt every inch of what was growing beneath my pants as her hand brushed over my crotch.  My fingers slithered between her thighs to feel her moist slit, ready for me to devour it.  But her curiosity was evident in the way she continued rubbing the imprint of my bulging serpent, and I wanted to satisfy her interest.

I stood above her and unfastened my belt.  She loosened and unzipped my pants, pulled down my boxers, and her intoxicated eyes widened as my staff stood at attention before her bewildered face.

“Oh my,” she gasped.

“Never had anything like that before?”

“I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

Suzanne took gentle hold of my shaft and caressed it, the veins bulging beneath her soft palms as pre-cum formed at the tip.

“It’s beautiful,” she said.

She licked away the nectar with a quick curl of her tongue before opening wide and taking me inside of her warm mouth.  Her strokes were slow and graceful as she held the base with one hand and her lips moved back and forth over what she was able to consume.

I brushed my fingers through her blonde tresses as I exhaled in pleasure and whispered encouraging words for her performance.  There was a hunger in the way she sucked, though she could only take in half, but I wanted to feed her more and drive past her limits.

“Open as wide as you can,” I instructed.

Suzanne obeyed, and I eased as much of my cock down her throat as I could before she pushed away, coughing and gagging with her hand over her chest.

“My God,” she laughed, as she regained composure.

I lifted her face by the chin and she looked up at me with watery, green eyes.

“You like that don’t you?”

I smacked the head of my dick against her cheek.  She closed her eyes and proudly received the force of my dark rod thumping against her face.

“Yes,” she replied. “Give me more.”

Suzanne opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, ready for me to feed her again.  I served her a few more times, each effort a bit longer than the previous one, until she broke away and huffed in the midst of tears and drool.

“Lay back,” I directed.

continued in Submitting Suzanne Part Two

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